Friday, May 22, 2015

[Lyrics] A Skipping CD Kept As A Girl's Memento - DennokoP ft. Aoki Lapis


this one doesn't have its lyrics released in text, but thankfully the producer made it very easy to transcribe. all the lyrics are, of course, rearranged versions of the first verse, though i barely even bothered retaining that here... oooops

[Lyrics] Go for it! Halycon - Kaku P-MODEL

la la lee~ ♪
this song is a big tribute to in a model room, bringing back some of his oldest inspirations and recombining them with his modern style. following suit, the lyrics return to the general theme of early p-model (criticizing modern pop culture), except this time spelled out in that very particular eclectic and abstract way hirasawa has become known for. the man can really hold a grudge, huh